Vertiefte Sicherheitsüberprüfung von Stauanlagen - Hydrologische Grundlagen

  • Contact:

    Jürgen Ihringer

  • Funding:

    Land Baden-Württemberg, Wasserverbände und Kommunen

  • Startdate:


The goal of this project is to provide the hydrological components required for the risk- and safety analyses of dams and barrages according to DIN 19700. This includes design floods up to recurrence periods of T = 10.000 years.

Due to its long-term experience in the field of hydrological extreme-value statistics and hydrological modeling, IWG Hydrologie has provided hydrological design values for several projects, such as for Ruhrverband Essen, die Talsperre Kleine Kinzig in Baden-Württemberg and many flood retention basins in the Sulm, Neuenstadter Brettach, Weissach and Leimbach catchments.