Abflusskennwerte in Baden-Württemberg - Abfluss-BW


Statiscial indices of discharge are an essential prerequisite for design and evaluation of water management projects. In this context, the goal of this project is to develop suitable methods based on multiple regression and to provide such indices throughout Baden-Württemberg.

Validated with data from 448 gauges, such regionalized discharge indices have been determined within the project at more than 13.000 river cross-sections in Baden-Württemberg, among them mean flow (MQ), flood indices (MHQ, HQT) and low water indices (MNQ, NQT, MND, NDT).

Besides providing the indices, an important part of this project is also to provide tools to make these data available to users. To this end, the GIS-based information system "Abfluss-BW" was developed.