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Our teaching for the study programs Civil Engineering (B.Sc. & M.Sc.), Geoecology (B.Sc. & M.Sc.), Water Science and Engineering (M.Sc.), and Resources Engineering (M.Sc.) has a couple of general objectives:

  • Students should understand the processes of the water cycle and its interactions with the environmental compartments atmosphere and soil in the conflict between protection of the environment and an anthropogenic use;
  • Students should be able to apply basic theories and concepts of hydrology and adjacent natural sciences and engineering disciplines to problem-related tasks in the field of water resources management and water conservation.

Graduates will work as application-oriented generalists as well as research-oriented specialists at research institutes, universities, administration authorities or consulting companies.


Our courses are based on the research in our fields of work

  •  "Hydrological Process Research"
  •  "Natural and Environmental Hazards"
  •  "Mesoscale Hydrology"
  •  "Water Resources Management and Engineering Hydrology”

The contents of all courses are related to the spatial and temporal distribution of water in anthropogenic environmental systems. The integrative approach should also create the necessary basis in teaching for developing sustainable solutions and for answering current questions in the context of an integrated river basin management.